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Devlin boat for  sale by owner moored at Noank Shipyard CT


The John D Bosler was commissioned to be custom built by Devlin Designing Boat builders, and is a one-off design that benefits from Sam Devlin’s unique stitch and glue, epoxy/wood technique of cold-molded composite construction. Custom designed in collaboration with its owner, Douglas Trumbull, the John D Bosler is a unique fantail stern displacement type motor trawler with many special attributes. The overall design is much like a tug boat, with “workboat” details throughout, a low-maintenance construction of layered and encapsulated plywood and epoxy, making the boat extremely sturdy. Virtually every aspect of this boat is custom, and an aesthetic of classic wood, brass and bronze has been combined with state-of-the-art technology to create a boat that is beautiful, comfortable, quiet, safe, and easy to maintain.

Length overall is 42’, with a 12’ 10” beam, 5’ draft, and 28,000 lbs displacement. The HULL_BOTTOM
is laminated to 1½” thickness, hull sides laminated to 1¼” thickness, decks and cabintop laminated with 2 layers of 6 oz. Fiberglass, all surfaces of hull structure sealed with 3 layer epoxy resin. Exterior wood trim is Purpleheart with Cetol finish. Interior wood trim is a combination of Mahogany and Port Orford Cedar. All seating, including the Stidd helm chair, is bottle green leather.

The engine is a low RPM heavy block John Deere 4045D 4 cylinder 85 hp diesel, providing an 8 knot cruising speed at 2100 rpm, and via extensive SoundDown acoustic insulation, Aqua Drive, military engine mounts, wet exhaust, and Db-Ply polymer layer plywood surrounding the engine compartment, the sound level at full power is just 63DB in the pilothouse. At the bow, or on the pilothouse roof, you cannot tell that the engine is running. There is virtually no stern exhaust noise.


“An abundance of natural light”

Named after my father-in-law who was a professional merchant seaman, the JDB has his NAVY_SHIP’S_BELL
affixed to the mast. The hull color is a dark bottle green, and the Cetol treated Purple Heart rubrails and caprails come out a beautiful Mahogany color. Classic lines of the JDB are apparent in this PORT_SIDE_VIEW
as we move at 8 knots through Budd Bay. Closer, note the classic bronze fittings of PORTLIGHTS,
etc. Safety handles and railings are stainless steel. This PORTSIDE_VIEW
of the pilothouse shows the five panoramic Diamond Seaglaze windows and synchronized Exalto wipers. On the starboard side you can see the 9’ “Guppy” Devlin dinghy, which can be rigged for sailing by ordering components from Devlin. We use the GUPPY_WITH_OARS,
as you can see here in Alaska. The dinghy is easily raised and lowered with the NICK_JACKSON_YACHT_DAVIT
visible here in the port side view. The JDB hull is dark bottle green as seen here on the STARBOARD_BOW,
as well as the BRONZE_PORTLIGHTS.
The JDB has numerous ANTENNAE
surrounding the MAST,
with dual GPS antennas, dual VHF antennas, SSB long range antenna, cellular antenna, CB antenna, and the NERA_SATPHONE
gyro-stabilized antenna. You can also see the SPOTLIGHT,
and at the very top of the MAST the anchor light and emergency strobe light. Closer, are the ONGARO HORNS,
(with a compressor in the bilge), the SATFIND_406_GPIRB,
You can radio around the world with this rig. On the topside of the pilothouse are two FOLDING_SEATS,
flanking the REMOTE_CONTROLS
for the engine and autopilot, contained inside a waterproof Pelican case. The DOGHOUSE
is just forward of the Switlik lifepod, and brings much light to the stateroom below.

“The helm receives an “A” for design
and function”


I have been aboard various trawlers and fishing boats with their flying bridges, and while they afford protection from wind and weather, I felt that they isolated me from the environment. The solution was this unique seating and control arrangement on the PILOTHOUSE_ROOF
where my family and I congregate for an amazingly unobstructed view of the surroundings, while remaining in complete control of the boat. There are additional places to plug in the controls; in the ANCHOR_WELL_DECK,
the helm (where you can laze on the berth), and the cockpit. A push of the button takes over control from the helm. Nearby, on the port side is the DAVIT_CONTROL,
which is a pistol grip switch held in a leather pouch, always ready to launch the dinghy or rescue a man overboard using the LIFESLING.

The cockpit is the site of much fishing and relaxing, and this PORTSIDE_VIEW
of the cockpit shows the cedar gratings, rope belaying pins, rod holder, hose coil freshwater outlet, stainless steel boarding ladder, and the Fischer Panda 8KW generator is in a locker directly below the cockpit sole. A_FISH_CLEANING_STATION
plugs right into the port side here. To the left is the LAZARETTE
with flanking cedar decks and tie-down points for our crab and lobster traps. At the very stern is the manual MUIR_WINDLASS,
for doing stern ties or deploying the drogue (included). The FANTAIL_STERN
is a great place to sunbathe, fish, or just LOOK_ASTERN
here with our guest flanked by crab and shrimp traps.

“The port side pilot berth…makes a wonderful watch station as well”

is something I found on working fishing boats, but rarely on pleasure craft. Here, we can sit and CONTEMPLATE,
drop the BRUCE_ANCHOR,
using the Muir Atlantic windlass, which can be controlled by footpads here, or at the helm. And you will find that this is a favorite place for all CRUISERS,
who gravitate to this spot which has views unobstructed by any railings or pulpit. In fact, one of the main design elements for the JDB was an unobstructed, central, symmetrical view from the helm, which is why there is no bow pulpit, the safety lines dive into the bow, and the anchor well deck provides the comfort to be here in perfect safety while dropping anchor, gawking, or enjoying the total silence while under way. We have a powerful spotlight which attaches to the stem when we really need to see ahead in the dark. The windlass handles 300ft of chain on the Bruce anchor, and on the port side is a supply of 300ft of rode with clevis pins to attach to the PAUL_LUKS_75lb_STORM_ANCHOR,
stowed below the aft SALOON_LOCKER,
where you will find the Paratech sea anchor and the drogue.

“A generous dining area that converts into a berth”


“Pilothouse, cozy and comfortable, has all the right tools in the right places”

shows the helm, Stidd Series 500 helm chair (with matching leather and electric positioning), and the five panoramic Diamond Seaglaze windows. I designed this as the heart of the JDB, with the helm chair and wheel centered on the center window, so that as you look forward, the stem of the bow shows you exactly where you are headed, without obstructions, and the additional windows offer a full 180 degree panorama, with the horizon midway between the top and bottom. This configuration offers unparalleled visibility. The center window hinges open for ventilation. All five EXALTO_WIPERS
are synchronized, speed controlled, with interval timing, and have freshwater wipe/wash function. In this HELM_CENTER
view you see that there is a symmetry here, with the DIRIGO_COMPASS
helm wheel, with the large 15” diagonal OCEAN_PC_FLAT_PANEL
display, showing the Nobletec navigation image in its “course up” configuration, and the rf wireless mouse control, held in place by velcro. To the right of this is the FURUNO
GaAs FET radar. Directly centered atop the flat panel nav display is the KVH_GYROCOMPASS
display. To the right below the radar is the FURUNO_GP_1850DF
color depth sounder/GPS plotter, offering redundant nav information, with its own antenna. Further to the right is the MATHERS_MICROCOMMANDER
engine control. On the upper right is the MUIR_WINDLASS_CONTROL,
and window defroster control. To the left are the computer keyboard, SIMRAD_ROBERTSON_AP22
autopilot, ENGINE_GAUGES,
wind indicator, and below that the FLOWSCAN
fuel meter and various engine and light switches, including the horn and chime switches. Below all this is the KVH_GYROCOMPASS_CONTROLLER
and the BIG_BAY
navigation PC with Nobletech software and Maptech maps. On the port side of the pilothouse is a six foot leather day bed, with Tempur Pedic mattress and leather upholstery matching the helm chair. On the starboard side is an upholstered seat, below which are all the breakers and fuses, as well as the Fischer Panda generator controls, the shorepower/generator switch, and pilothouse DC panel. Above the pilothouse windows are all communications gear, including two ICOM_IC_M59_VHF_TRANSCEIVERS,
man overboard system with microphone. Above is the control handle for the spotlight. Directly aft of the helm chair is the CHART_TABLE,
above which is the NERA_WORLDPHONE,_and_FURUNO DFAX
weatherfax. A portside locker houses the MATHERS_MICROCOMMANDER_CONTROL_UNIT,
and storage for spotlight, binoculars, etc.


“…something like a fishing boat but that is a superbly designed and built cruising yacht”

Curved steps from the pilothouse lead forward to the STATEROOM
with a centered Tempur Pedic bed, myriad bronze portlights, varnished tongue-and-groove Port Orford cedar overhead, cherry details, DOGHOUSE_SKYLIGHT,
bookshelves, lockers, and a LARGE_CLOSET,
inside of which are soundproofed doors to the ENGINE_COMPARTMENT.
On the port side is the HEAD
with sink, SCANVIK
faucet, shelves, lockers, and bronze portlights, leading to the SHOWER/HEAD
compartment. Here, a locker opens to reveal the water-protected TP_LID.
Scanvik fixtures and roll-down canvas make this a private spot, even when someone else is at the sink. Adjacent is another access door to the ENGINE_COMPARTMENT,
with Racor fuel/water separators, fuel pump, manifold, vice, and SOUNDDOWN
exhaust sound attenuation system.


The galley is directly aft of the bulkhead behind the pilothouse, down three steps. PORT_ORFORD_CEDAR_WAINSCOTTING
behind shelves with bungeed jars and warm cabin lights lead to a u-shaped cooking area and a BROADWATER
four burner propane stave and oven, spice rack, and lockers. Opposite, on the starboard side, the sink and Scanvik fixtures are within another thick SOLID_CHERRY_COUNTER,
below which are the undercounter Coolmatic refrigerator and freezer units. Above the sink and below the windows, shelves hold mugs, plates, bowls, etc. Aft is a microwave oven and Dickinson propane heater. Details like a brass flower holder, make a warm compliment to this already charming and functional galley.


On the port side, aft of the galley, this SOLID_CHERRY_TABLE
can seat six adults in comfortable leather. The TABLE_FOLDS_INTO_A_COFFEE_TABLE,
and lowers on this IMTRA_ELECTRIC_PEDESTAL.
To convert for sleeping, the TABLE LOWERS to stops, so that UPHOLSTERED_FOAM_PADS
can be placed on top, converting to a DOUBLE_BERTH.
In the aft starboard corner is a DAY_HEAD
manual head, and manual Whale bilge pump. In the unlikely event of a total power or water failure, you can still go comfortably. This day head has a separate electric heater unit to dry rain-soaked clothing and serves as a locker for life jackets, rainjackets, as well as the first aid kit and emergency equipment.


“…a steam whistle from an old boat…that is simultaneously a pure musical sound and a summons for the nostalgic”

A central theme of the design and construction of the JDB was an intense effort to make the boat extremely quiet. This included the use of Db-Ply for all bulkheads around the engine compartment, the isolation of the engine from the prop shaft via an Aqua Drive isolator, a five-bladed Michigan prop, use of special military quiet engine mounts, extensive use of SoundDown foam and fiberglass acoustic absorbing foam and fiberglass batting, perforated aluminum, special air spaces, stand-offs, a SoundDown wet exhaust canister system, sound absorbing foam/vinyl headliners throughout, and the choice of a low RPM John Deere diesel engine. The result is “…the quietest motor yacht I have ever boarded”, Robert M. Lane, PassageMaker. So if your cruising hopes include tranquility and relaxation, the JDB is a joy. People watching the JDB cruise past a dock can’t believe it is under power, and the charming “TOOT-TOOT” of the chime whistle always brings a smile and a wave.

“A four cylinder John Deere diesel one can barely hear”


The JDB has an 8kw Fischer Panda generator under the sole of the cockpit, and it, too, is almost completely silent. Its huge power makes possible electric heating throughout the boat using quiet Imtra Dial-A-Watt fan forced heaters, electric hot water, and power for any possible use. In addition, an engine heat-exchanger provides heat throughout the boat, and hot water as well. A large Pro-Sine inverter provides ample 110 volt power throughout the boat, with standard electrical outlets accompanying multiple 12 volt outlets everywhere. There are dual radar reflectors on the mast shrouds. There is a bilge pump alarm panel, with cumulative hour timer so you can watch for activity. There are fresh water deck washdown Hose Coils in the anchor well deck and cockpit. Electrical panels are by Panelgraphics in Seattle. A special lifeline can be connected between the pilothouse and the anchor well deck for safety in rough seas. There is an Alpenglow helm work light. Galley soles are natural yellow cedar. Roll-up canvas shades on all galley and saloon windows and doors. Large deep cycle battery bank.


Length Overall 43’ 1” Fuel Capacity 590 U.S. Gallons
Length on Deck 42’ 1” Water Capacity 260 U.S. Gallons
Beam 12’ 10” Waste Capacity 130 U.S. Gallons
Draft 5’ Fuel consumption at 8 knots, 2 GPH
Hull Form - Full Displacement Fuel consumption at 7 knots, 1 GPH
Displacement 28,000 lbs. 8KTS. Cruise @ 63DB
Engine - Deere Power 85-hp diesel Cold molded wood/epoxy
Genset - Fischer Panda 8kw diesel Custom one of a kind classic design

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